Mental wellness is not a luxury. It is not something we can afford to “do” when we get a chance. It is not about squeezing in a massage when time, money, life permits.  It is about honoring yourself. Self-care goes beyond mani/pedis or a fresh hair cut. It is about allowing yourself to feel, about acknowledging when you are not okay. It is about breaking the habit of putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. It is about changing the faulty belief that you just have to tough it out, that you just need to pray on it.  It is about dismantling the idea that acknowledging that something is wrong and that you may need some help makes you weak.

Counseling is a resource, a tool to help you navigate your journey when the path becomes uncertain and the baggage too heavy.  My role is to help you navigate and unpack.  Let’s do this work!

“I never understood
how important it was to be understood
until someone came along
who really did understand”

Yulinda Rock