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It’s hard to heal what we conceal…

conceal depression

I came across an article in the Huffington Post that I thought was important to share, 11 habits f people with concealed depression.

Feeling blue, a bit down, a little sad, in a funk; however you describe it, depression is real.
Depression is especially prevalent around the holiday season, and even more so, it is concealed.
In an effort to not be a “burden” or a “downer” people suppress their feelings, oping to put on a happy face as to not disturb the feel good vibes of those around them.
Having battled depression on and off since I was a child, I have become quite adept at hiding my “blues” choosing to mask them with busyness.
However, as I began to recognize the importance of my mental health and how it effects my ability to parent, I have begun to acknowledge my needs. I occasionally reach out to those I trust to handle my feelings with care.
Be mindful of those around you.
We often drop little clues in the hopes that the people we love will pick up on them without us having to hand over our bleeding heart and face the possibility of being rebuffed.
So take note, please.
Often times just acknowledging that you see something is “off” will be enough to lift a mood.
You have the potential to be a catalyst for positive change.
For those going through, you are not alone. Your “cure” can usually be found on the other side of your ability to be vulnerable.
You are worthy of being holistically well…
Yulinda Rock



We all go through things.
It is what you do in the midst of a storm that highlights who you really are.  It is easy to be calm when the sun is shining, it is infinitely harder to retain that same fortitude when you are caught out in a downpour with no umbrella.
Life can be a tumultuous tornado, wracking havoc on all of our plans.
Laying waste to a foundation we thought was solid.
Shining a spot light on our vulnerability.
In those moments when we find ourselves broken we become truly acquainted with our strength.
We realize just how much we are capable of.
We keep going.
Sometimes smiling, sometimes crying, often both at the same time, we continue.
Being broken doesn’t equate uselessness.
It is an opportunity to showcase your strength, which is only limited by your thoughts.  

You’ve got this!

You are worthy of being holistically well.
Yulinda Rock

Illuminate your path so that others can find their way…


It is interesting for me when I write, because although I write for an audience, specifically clients and potential clients, I also write from a very real place,a personal place.  Nine times out of ten, the things I write about I have experienced personally in addition to working with others to get through it.  The same goes for the seasonal “blues”.

As the nights get longer and the days get colder, I often find my thoughts mirroring the vista outside my window; cold, gray, haunting, still, but full of potential and possibilities.

As we embark on this holiday season I want us all to remember that the best way to help us out of our own “funk” is to bring joy to someone else. We often take for granted just how powerful, acts of kindness can be.  In my blog post for Beverly Therapist I talk about how we as neighbors have a unique opportunity to be a light to someone this season.  To quote my post, “The smallest spark can illuminate and chase away shadows often unseen”.

As the snow accumulates and the temps fall, take it upon yourself to lift someone else spirits.  Putting a smile on someone else face is guaranteed to put one on yours.  I don’t offer many guarantees, but this one I stand by.  A remedy for the “blues”.

May your willingness to shine your light on others contribute to your wellness. You are worthy.

Yulinda Rock

Check your gauge…


This spoke to me because I am guilty.
There is no reward for over extending yourself.
There is no glory in neglecting your own needs for the sake of saying yes to others.
There is courage and wisdom in recognizing and honoring your limits.
Imagine how much further you could go and how many more you could help if you occasionally did a self check to ascertain your own needs.
Being self aware enough to stop to refuel takes a lot less time than having to stop for costly and timely repairs from running too long on E.
Be sure to check your gauge.
You are worthy of being holistically well…
Yulinda Rock

A season of contemplation…


As I sit here watching the leaves fall, contemplating the end of a season and the ushering in of the next; As the days shorten and darkness reaches across my yard while picking my kids up from school, I give stock to my life.

Fall tends to be the season of thoughtfulness.  A beautiful lull as nature prepares for hibernation.  This is the perfect time to reflect.  Now is the time to look at ones accomplishments and goals and make plans.

No New Year Resolutions but Now Determinations.

As each leaf detaches itself and floats upon the breeze before settling upon the ground, I enumerate a goal achieved, an opportunity presented, a path yet trodden.  So I urge you, take hold of that leaf, a symbolism of opportunity, as it flutters by, offering you a promise of possibilities.

In that moment before it comes to rest upon the ground lies a choice,  to either participate or spectate.  Thoughts and plans without actions are merely uncaught leaves floating upon the breeze waiting for someone willing to give chase, to grasp what could be, for someone ready and willing to pursue their destiny.

Will it be you?

Yulinda Rock


It’s okay to feel…

its ok

It’s okay to feel.  Often we find ourselves ignoring our emotions.  Locking them up and tucking them away because we don’t have time to deal with them.  But unacknowledged emotions don’t disappear.  They often get manifested in other ways, ways that are often unhealthy, ways that we tend to regret.

Having feelings is not weak.  Being emotional is not weak.  Learning to express your emotions in a healthy way is a strenght that often gets taken for granted.

It is okay to feel sad, frustrated, disappointed, lost, hurt, unsure, etc.

The thing is, what do you do with those feelings?

Do you lash out unexpectedly? Drink to excess? Smoke? Take your frustration out on your children? Overeat?

This goes for everyone, men and women, young and old.  Being holistically well means paying attention to your inner dialogue.  You are worthy and your feelings are valid!  So please, take time to feel the feelings, because you can’t control what you don’t acknowledge.

Yulinda Rock