I Am An Ally…


Our society is not the most accepting of differences, whether that be race, ethnicity or religion.  Being uncomfortable in your own skin, not having a voice or an outlet to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty, can lead to unhealthy escapes; a breakdown in mental wellness.

In a world where questions of sexuality and gender identification are becoming more prominent, we are faced with the need to offer safe places where people are comfortable exploring and understanding their truth.

I have the honor of working with an amazing group of colleagues at Beverly Therapists. One of my colleagues, Bonn Wade, has created a free group for transgendered youth. Gendernauts will provide a place where the youth can feel secure in knowing that they will be met with support and empathy.  By clicking here, you can read an article where Bonn explains his reasoning for creating the group and what he hopes to accomplish.

As a therapist, but more importantly, as a decent human being, my goal is to embrace people, not their labels.  I support my colleague in helping to create a space where those labels are not necessary.

I Am An Ally…

Yulinda Rock

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