Yulinda Rahman LCPC




“Fear: A chain with no substance but the most weight.
Anchoring you to mediocrity.
Let it make you careful, but never allow it to cripple.
Your success lies on the other side of your fear.
Take that step”
Yulinda Rock


“Happiness takes effort.
You don’t stumble upon it.
It doesn’t find you.
It isn’t a
state of being.
You dig for it.
You demand it.
You refuse to allow moments
to eclipse it.
You choose it.
And everday you have the option
to choose it again and again.
You decide.

Yulinda Rock



“I never understood
how important it was to be understood
until someone came along
who really did understand”

Yulinda Rock

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American Mental Health Counselors Association                                          
Illinois Counseling Association                                                        
Illinois Association of Child and Adolescent Counselors

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