Yulinda Rahman LCPC

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“Happiness takes effort.
You don’t stumble upon it.
It doesn’t find you.
It isn’t a
state of being.
You dig for it.
You demand it.
You refuse to allow moments
to eclipse it. You choose it.
And everday you have the option
to choose it again and again.
You decide.

Yulinda Rock

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Active Memberships:                                                                                

American Mental Health Counselors Association
Illinois Counseling Association
Illinois Association of Child and Adolescent Counselors                                           Illinois Association of Couples and Family Counselors

I Counsel

I utilize an eclectic approach fused in humanism and psychodynamics to provide a service tailored to each client’s individual needs.  I have experience in treating depression, anxiety, marital issues, relationship struggles, parent/family dynamics, body image, eating disorders, adolescent behavior modification, anger issues and more.

Populations I work with:

Children over 7 y/o

Additional Specialty Areas:
Life transitions, Care-giver burnout and stress, Parent of a child with a chronic illness

Individual, small group, and couple/family counseling is available.
*For information on small groups please contact me*

Session Information:

Session length:
All sessions are 55 minutes in length with the exception of the initial/intake session, which is 75 minutes

Insurances Accepted and Payment Type:

Out of Network Insurance Benefits
Private Pay

A sliding scale may be applied for those who qualify.        
*Payment is expected at time of service*  

I coach


Collaborating to formulate goals

Operating from a place of action

Aligning thoughts with those actions

Ceding to the idea that knowing what to do is only part of the process, you must DO

Honoring that you are the authority and capable of creating the life you desire

I consult

Counseling Consultant: Productive Conversations

For me consultation means having conversations that work to dispel the myth that mental health is not worth nurturing and that obtaining mental health services is taboo.  Whether one on one, with a small group, or in front of a large group of people, I lead productive conversations that get us as a society further along the path to acknowledging, accepting, and nurturing our mental health.

Mental illness is not a sexy topic, but it is real and needs to be discussed.  I am not afraid of the conversation so I invite others to chime in and give voice to the subject.

From the workplace to the classroom, the church home to the nursing home, from counseling departments to police departments I provide workshops, professional development, training, and speaking series so that together we can pull back the curtain on mental illness, one conversation at a time.